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Safe Gas Line Installation Services

Do you need professional help to install a new gas line for your home or business? Get in touch with the professionals at Bob Vena Plumbing and Heating Inc for gas line installation services in Hazlet, NJ. Call 732-583-2981


Don't trust just anyone with gas line installations for your home or business. This delicate work is best left to the skilled professionals at Bob Vena Plumbing and Heating Inc, who ensure safety and quality of work.

Dependable Gas Line Services

If you’re looking to get a gas line for your pool or hot tub heater, you’ll appreciate the friendly, professional service and great value you receive when you choose us.


Our gas line installation services cater to and include set up for:

  • Fire places

  • Pool heaters

  • Stoves

Wide Range of Services

Apart from our gas line installation services our experienced professionals also specialize in catering to your other needs in Hazlet, NJ such as:

Need to install a gas line for your fire place? Give us a call for a FREE estimate.


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